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We are a non-profit organization which goal is to raise awareness of constantly growing global data usage.#RDUM

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We are going vegan to reduce water usage on meat plantations, segregate our waste, reduce plastic cups and strokes to saves oceans but we still produce tons of digital waste everyday through our internet traffic without even knowing it which leads to production of data servers all around the World. Do we really need all that high quality pictures, videos etc? Help us raise the awareness between people who have any contact with new technologies to reduce usage of daily internet data. It doesn't matter if you're a developer or a user, it works in any field.

Everybody can make a change.


In today's world we are using hundreds thousands terabits of data each day. Using our phones, computers, checking emails, playing games, sending photos, or even when we are driving a car or running with our beloved smartphone we are all using and producing large amounts of data every day. And as we all know - it will not end, it will just go bigger and bigger from one year to another.(Here can be stats of growing data supply__) And all the Big Companies are trying to meet ours demands! (More text and stats___)

Ok but what's the real problem? Why we should think of how much data are we using?

''Data centres are the backbone of the internet and as demand for data centre resources across the computing industry grows exponentially'' - a spokesperson for Microsoft told The Independent, June 2018. (More text___)



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